We Will Miss You All


February marked our 2 year anniversary on the Monterey Peninsula. Thank you for continuing to choose us to support you on your healing journey. Meeting each of you has brought joy into the lives of our family and staff, and it brings us sadness to bring this adventure to an end.

COVID-19 was an unexpected turn of events for all of our lives. Though we feel like this is such an imperative time to be serving you, the extended closures and dynamic of our young family will not be able to sustain the livelihood of the spa. We had hopes of successfully selling Theta, but the sale fell through after Governor Newsom announced that spas will be closed until Phase 3 of California’s reopening plan. As of June 1, 2020 Theta Float Spa is no longer in business.

Thank you for the incredible two years that you welcomed us into your lives to serve you and your families. We wish you all peace and health as we all transition our lives around the global changes that occurred this year. We are grateful for the time we had serving each of you.

Best wishes,

Theta Float Spa


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