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Massage therapy is more than just pampering and luxury, human touch is an essential component to life. The therapeutic touch of massage can help facilitate changes where stress and pain are manageable or non-existent.

Massage therapists vary in their style, technique and specialty. Whether you prefer a gentle massage , a medium pressure to relax you and work out the kinks, or a more clinical approach using techniques that drop deeply into muscle and connective tissues, there is a therapist for you at Theta Float Spa.

Trained in the major modalities of massage, therapists may be drawn to a style or technique in which they excel. Your therapist may combine a variety of techniques to achieve results that last beyond your time on the massage table. Learn about our therapists here.


Nourish Massage

60 / 90 / 120 Minutes
$105.00 - $210.00

Escape into a soothing massage with lavender rosewood oil, scalp oil massage, and a cooling eucalyptus-mint foot rub. Your therapist will tailor your massage to meet your needs.

Therapeutic Massage

60 / 90 / 120 Minutes
$105.00 - $210.00

This massage is ideal for injuries, athletic enhancement, chronic pain, and deep tissue relief. Our oil infused with arnica will enhance cell repair and aids the muscles to heal more rapidly. Your therapist will discuss your goals prior to beginning.

Maternity Massage

60 / 90 Minutes
$105.00 - $155.00

Theta honors the journey of becoming a mother by nurturing a woman through her transition in all trimesters. Each pregnancy is unique and we aim to cater to those needs. Theta is also run by a mom, and so from one mom to another we offer one house call during your fourth trimester with no travel fee.

Align Massage

90 Minutes

Surrender into 7 uniquely luxurious oil blends designed using the finest natural and organic ingredients. Each oil is vibrationally attuned to the seven vital energy centers in the body. Relax and align with this intuitive massage.

Magnesium Scrub

30 Minutes

Exfoliate, detox, and moisturize your skin with a gentle polish infused with pure magnesium chloride. This treatment can be added to the beginning of any massage or used as a standalone treatment.

CBD Enhancement Add-on


Enjoy a deeper sense of relaxation using Cannibidiol (CBD) massage oil. The non-psychoactive element of the hemp plant helps alleviate anxiety, pain, and inflammation while boosting the immune system and aiding in restorative sleep. Include CBD with any massage treatment.

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